Xfinity WiFi Not Working

Is your Xfinity WiFi not working? Stuck with the Internet connectivity that has made your work delay due to loss? Then we have come up with the solution to this. Xfinity WiFi can help you with tons of hotspots and let you stay connected with your favorite places. With xfinity, you can get Wi-Fi at no additional cost, it combined with your xfinity internet service. Save on your wireless data plan. You can get access to new security details at selective hotspots in the country.

Doing a restart of your xfinity wifi gateway is the most frequent solution for resolving internet related issues. If your system finds that still Xfinity WiFi Not Working​ or xfinity wifi connected but no internet access by our online troubleshooting experience, we will offer the option for scheduling a consultation with one of xfinity technicians. 

If you own a third-party modem, press on the equipment’s restart button. You may quickly reset your modem by using the xfinity my account app or xfinity xfi app. 

  1. Log in to My Account.
  2. Scroll down and select Manage Internet. You can single out this option from the services tab or you can choose the unique device you want to restart from the Devices tab.
  3. Select Restart Modem to begin troubleshooting your Internet connection. An urgent call at 1-888-335-1333 will help resolve the issue related to this point.
  4. Select Start Troubleshooting to begin your modem restart. This can take up to 7 minutes. Your home internet would be offline during this process.

Troubleshoot Xfinity WiFi via the Xfinity My Account App

  1. Open the Xfinity My Account app (accessible for iOS & Android.
  2. Scroll down and choose the Internet tile.
  3. Select your modem and thus press Restart this device. This can take up to 7 minutes. Home internet will be offline during this process.

Troubleshoot Connectivity Affecting Individual Devices

The area above concentrates on solving network-level issues. If you face connectivity issues with a mobile device, best way to troubleshoot is with xfinity xfi. If your xfinity internet is not working, you may perform troubleshooting by using the xfinity my account app.

  1. Log in to xFi via the mobile app or website.
  2. Select Troubleshoot a Device from the Overview page. Call immediately at 1-888-335-1333 after this step to ask for selecting the troubleshooting device from xfinity Technicians.
  3. Select the specific device having issues.
  4. Follow the prompts to determine what the problem may be and how to fix it.

The Troubleshoot a Device feature is not directly available for customers who have xFi Pods on their account.

If you are identifying it very demanding to solve the xfinity WiFi not working issue, quietly call at 1-888-335-1333 for the technical help from Xfinity technicians. We are available for the services of our clients for 24 hours and 7 days. A quick help will be given to those who call us by dialing our contact number.

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