xfinity wifi keeps disconnecting

Dow you own a Xfinity product or are you using Xfinity Services? Does your Xfinity wifi keeps disconnecting? Xfinity wifi not working? Unable to connect to Xfinity wifi? These are some of the most common problems that most of the Xfinity users face at some point in time. That is why you need to know how to resolve the problem.  

In this blog, you will learn the solution when Xfinity wifi keeps disconnecting. The reason why this problem persists could vary however, these are some of the most basic troubleshooting steps that can help you in resolving the problem.

There could be a number of reasons for this problem. However, here we are discussing some of the most common reasons you might face Xfinity WiFi Keeps Disconnecting issue.

The Xfinity Device Limit has Exceeded: You may experience the Xfinity Internet Keeps Disconnecting issue if the number of devices surpasses the limit. If this is the reason, then you can resolve the issue by checking the devices and by removing the device that is not being used.

IP Configuration Problem: If you are using a dynamic IP configuration then most likely the problem will be resolved. As soon as you connect to the Wi-Fi after checking the configuration.

Xfinity wi-fi network is hidden: One of the reasons you may have this problem is because the wi-fi network is hidden. In such a situation, you can identify the hidden SSID using the software. You can also call the experts at 1-888-335-1333 to help you with this problem.

You can follow this step by step guide to resolve Xfinity WiFi Keeps Disconnecting issue. However, make sure you follow the steps one by one.

Clear Mac Address from the Account

You must know that there is a limit on the number of devices that can be available on Xfinity wi-fi. If the number of devices being used exceeds, you can fix the issue by clearing up the devices. Here is what you need to do:

  • Sign in your account. Also, not that you need to use the primary user ID for this.
  • When you have logged in then go to the page that lists all of the devices.
  • Here you can remove the devices that are unable to connect.
  • Once you are able to identify the device, click on the remove button.
  • You may be asked to confirm the command. Click on the ok option or remove.

Now, connect with the Xfinity Wi-Fi to see the WiFi Disconnecting issue persists or not.

Renew the IP Configuration

If you are using a personal computer to connect to the Xfinity Wi-Fi but are experiencing a problem WiFi Keeps Disconnecting then you can try renewing the IP configuration. This will help in resolving to issue. Follow these steps to renew the IP configuration on Windows PC.

  • Press and hold Windows + R button. This will immediately open the run command. Now type ‘cmd’ and then press ‘Ctrl’ + Shift + Enter.
  • You will now be prompted with a User Account Control. Select the ‘Yes’ here.
  • Now type ‘ipconfig/release’ and press the enter key.
  • Then type ‘ipconfig/renew’. Now,
  • press the enter key.
  • Now, check if the Xfinity WiFi  issue is resolved or not. If the problem persists call at 1-888-335-1333. The Xfinity technicians, are available round the clock to help and guide you with the steps.

Sometimes you need to use third-party software to fix the problem. You can use wireless monitoring software to resolve Xfinity WiFi Keeps Disconnecting problem. What this software does is that they allow you to view the private SSID of the Xfinity Wi-Fi and resolve the issue. You can download the third-party software and follow the guidelines to resolve the issue. However, getting in touch with the Xfinity technicians can also be useful as they will guide you through each step. Call at 1-888-335-1333 for Xfinity technical support.