Step by Step Guide to Add Printer to the Computer

Printers are surely one of the most used devices at workplaces. Whether you want to print, copy, scan a document printer does it all for you. 

However, if you have recently got a new printer then you need to know and understand how to add the printer to your computer. Once you add the printer only then you will be able to use the printer from your computer.

The printer can be quickly added to your computer however, there are certain steps that you need to follow to complete this process. In this blog, we have discussed in detail the steps that you need to follow to add the printer to your computer.

However, if you are facing any issue with the printer or while adding the printer to the computer then make sure to get help from the printer technical support team as they can guide you in a better way.

Steps to Follow to Add a Printer to your Computer

Do you want to add a printer? Once you add a printer to the computer you allow the operating system to know that there is a printer attached to the computer or to the network connection.

Even if you have hooked up the printer properly but you will still have to add the printer to a computer. That is why you need to follow the steps mentioned below to complete this process.

  • First of all, to add the printer you need to follow the manufacturer’s guideline to connect the printer with the computer. Once you are done with that you get a CD-ROM to install the printer software on the computer.
  • Now click on the start menu on your computer and then go to the Settings option. Here you need to select the Printers.
  • Now double-click on the Add Printer option.
  • Now you follow the step by step guide that is mentioned on the print wizard. If you are adding a brand new printer then make sure to know its name and network path first.
  • Also, make sure that you are using the latest version of the printer drivers. To check this, insert the CD-ROM when prompted.
  • You can also select a preinstalled driver that matches the printer model that you are using. You can find it in the driver that came along with the printer.
  • When asked you need to select whether you would like to use this printer as a default printer or not.
  • Now, you will be asked if you want to test a print. You can do so by clicking on the yes option.
  • Once you are done click on the finished option after the installation is complete.

Printer drivers are an essential part of the printer. The printer driver software is installed on the computer to which the printer is connected. It helps in converting the data into a printed format by using the printer.

The function of the printer is that it allows you to print something using the printer without understanding the technical detail of each printer that is connected.

It is quite easy to install the printer drivers. In this blog, we have covered in detail steps that you need to follow to install the drivers on the computer so that you can use the printer.