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So, what are the most common Netflix not working issues, how can resolve Netflix Problems and where you can reach out for expert guidance and assistance? We will discuss all that in this blog from scratch.

We have all heard about Netflix, it is one of the most popular apps that allows you to stream unlimited Tv shows, movies, programs on all kinds of devices. You can binge-watch some of the most exciting and thrilling series and be a part of the Netflix world. However, many Netflix users experience Netflix, not working issues, and it can be very annoying especially when you are about to start a new TV show or are in the middle of an episode.

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US: 1-855-783-7735

UK: 0-808-273-9228

What is Netflix?

Netflix, as we all know, is an amazing streaming service provider that enables you to watch some of the most amazing content like TV shows, series, movies, documentaries, and whatnot. You can watch anything at anytime and anywhere, all you need is an internet connection, and you are good to go. You can sign in to your Netflix account, and watch the content on any device that supports the Netflix app.

Moreover, you can also use a download option, to download your favorite show and watch it later when you do not have internet connectivity.

All things good, but many times users experience Netflix not working problem, due to a number of reasons. If you are someone who experiences “why Netflix is not working” issue every other day then this blog will help you in resolving this problem in the best possible way.

Call Toll Free for Support

US: 1-855-783-7735

UK: 0-808-273-9228

Problems You Can Face If Netflix is Not Working And Solutions

Is Netflix Down?

Are you wondering if “Netflix is down”? Or is the Netflix not working issue in your device only? The best way to check is Netflix is down is to go to their official pages and check. Usually, when Netflix is down, they will update it on their official pages.

You can try resetting the device or simply test on a mobile device to see if the problem with Netflix. Usually, when Netflix is down you cannot do anything about it as the issue will be resolved on their end only. All you can do is be patient and wait for the problem to be resolved.

However, if Netflix is not down then there are high chances that the problem is either in the internet connectivity or the device. Let us discuss the solution to these problems here.

Bad Video Quality or Slow Speed

Usually, Netflix streaming issues result in poor video quality and slow loading speed of the video. Netflix problems are mostly because of a bad internet connection. You can check the internet speed of your connection on various sites. Check if the speed of the internet support SD and HD video quality. Here are some of the steps that you can follow to resolve this error.

  • Restart the device that you are using to stream.
  • Plug out the router and then keep it like that for a minute. Then you need to plug it in again.
  • Plug out the modem and keep it like that for a minute.
  • Also, if the router is placed low then keep it in a higher position and move any obstacles in between. You can contact ecpert for more information and assistance regarding the bad video quality issues.
  • If the error is still unresolved then you can connect the device with the modem directly, using an ethernet cable.

Call Toll Free for Support

US: 1-855-783-7735

UK: 0-808-273-9228

Black Screen Appears on the Netflix

If you are using Windows or macOS, while using Netflix then you may encounter the problem of the black screen while trying to stream content. This is another problem that causes Netflix is not working issue. Here is what you can do to fix it.

  • Cookies: You can try to clean the cookies on the browser. The steps vary on the type of browser you are using however, you can find a step by step solution in the settings.
  • Antivirus: Some of the antivirus software do not pay well with Netflix. In such a situation, you can disable the software while using Netflix.

Reset Netflix

If Netflix is the problem on your device like Smart TV, laptop, PlayStation 3-4, or any other device then you can try resetting the device. You can follow this step:

  • Go to the Netflix account.
  • Then, use your remote and enter up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, up, up, up, up. If this does not help try calling the experts for professional guidance.
  • Now, you will see an option of deactivating here.
  • Now you can sign back again.

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US: 1-855-783-7735

UK: 0-808-273-9228

Too Many Users Using the Netflix Account

As you know, Netflix allows you to stream an unlimited amount of content however, it restricts the number of users. If the number of users exceeds, it can be the reason for Netflix not working problem. The topmost plan is restricted for four-person usage only.

If you are prompted with a message “the Netflix account is being used on another device”, then you need to stop streaming on other devices. To do this you can:

  • Go to account > settings > sign out all of the devices.

If you are unsure about the devices being used you can follow this step:

  • Go to account > settings > recent device streaming activity.

You will now be able to check the list of sessions and streaming that is going on at the moment. It will show you the users that are online so that you can ask them to log out immediately.

Unable to Log in Netflix Account

Many times, Netflix not working problem may arise because you are unable to log in Netflix account. In such a situation you will have to reset your password. This usually happens when you have forgotten your credentials. Follow these steps to reset your password:

  • Go to your Netflix account.
  • Select on my account option.
  • Now, go to change the password option.
  • You will have to enter the old password once, and twice the new password.

You can also reset the password by going on forgot password on the log in page of Netflix. This will allow you to reset the password using an email, voice call or text

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US: 1-855-783-7735

UK: 0-808-273-9228