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Are you getting Netflix error code NW-3-6while streaming content on the app? And want to know how to fix netflix error? Are you getting a message like “we are unable to connect to Netflix” Error NW 3-6? This could be because of the connectivity problem that restricts the device to reach out to the Netflix service. However, fix netflix error code nw 3-6 quickly if you follow the correct steps.

Netflix, as we know, is one of the top-rated video streaming apps that allows you to stream some of the most amazing TV shows, movies, and so much more based on your subscription plan.Fix Netflix Error Code NW-3-6

However, while streaming content on Netflix app many users experience the Netflix error code NW-3-6 which can create a lot of problems while using the app.

Netflix error code NW-3-6 usually occurs when there is some issue in the network configuration and as a result, this prevents the device to access the Netflix service. There can be a number of reasons for the fix Netflix error NW-3-6 however, these two are the most common one:

  • The problem in Configuration: Many times, there can be a configuration issue with the ISP or the device. And as a result, it could be preventing the device from connecting to the Netflix servers.
  • The problem in the Internet Connection: Many times, there can be an issue in connecting the device to the internet connection. And as a result, this might be the reason why the device is unable to connect to the Netflix server – netflix error code nw 3-6.

Below are some of the troubleshooting solutions that you can try to resolve Netflix code NW-3-6 on the device. Let us discuss them here.

Restart the device

The first thing that you need to do without giving a single thought is to restart the device. Restarting will help in deleting all of the caches from the device that you are using. This step mostly works. To do this follow these steps – Netflix Error NW-3-6:

  • Turn off the device and then unplug it for a minute.
  • Plugin and then switch on the device.
  • Go to the Netflix app.

If the error NW-3-6 is still unresolved then follow further steps – netflix error code nw 3-6.

Check the Internet Connection

For Netflix to work it needs to be connected to the internet, if there is some problem in the ISP then it will show Netflix error NW-3-6. If the DND settings or router is the issue, then it may be the reason for the error.

You can try connecting the device directly with the router using the ethernet cable to resolve this issue. It will more likely resolve internet connection error. Here is what you can do to fix netflix error NW 3-6 issue:

  • Switch off the streaming device.
  • Now, use the ethernet cable to connect the device directly to the modem.
  • Turn on the device and check if the error code NW-3-6 is resolved.
  • If the problem persists and you think internet connectivity is the reason then try contact experts for help and assistance regarding internet connectivity.

Disconnect the VPN Connection

If the internet connection you are connected is through VPN or proxy server then it is better to disconnect the network and then connect to the internet directly. This problem can persist if the device is connected through another server – Netflix Error code NW 3-6.

This could be the reason the device is unable to connect to the server. So, the basic troubleshooting step is to disconnect the proxy server or the VPN and connect directly.

Restart the Internet Connection

If you are seeing Netflix error code NW-3-6 then it could be because of the modem that may not able to connect to the Netflix service. To resolve this issue, you will have to restart the internet. You can try to power cycle the router. It will completely reboot the configurations and also resolve the error code.

  • Turn off the internet router.
  • Wait for a few minutes.
  • Plugin the internet router.
  • Wait for a few minutes and then restart the device after some time.

Refresh the Wireless Connectivity

netflix error code nw-3-6 – Any hardware device that has been running for a while needs to refresh for it to work properly. Turning off the device for some time and then turning it on again can resolve a lot of issues. This helps in refreshing by clearing the memory and help the device to restart to solve the Error NW-3-6 Netflix.

  • If you are connected to the Wi-Fi then make sure that the device is receiving strong signals.
  • If it is not, then try to use LAN port (if the device has got one).
  • If the error code NW-3-6 is resolved using LAN port then this means that the issue is in the router or the modem.
  • If you are still having the problem then you can try to check the Wi-Fi connection and the Ethernet cables. You can reset the modem.

Reset the Modem

Resetting the modem means that it will set the device to default factory settings. If you do not remember your passwords and username, then connect with the Internet Service Provider first before following these steps to solve the Netflix Error NW-3-6.

  • Press hold the reset button.
  • After 10-15 seconds release the button once the lights on the modem start blinking.
  • Now, wait for a few minutes the light on the internet option to turn green.
  • Connect to the internet.
  • You might have to enter the account details in order to reprogram the modem.

Resetting the modem can help in resolving errors that are related to internet connectivity, slow internet, wireless connectivity problem, and device-related problems. However, you shall power cycle as mentioned in one of the above points.

By following the above points, you are more likely to resolve Netflix error code NW-3-6. However, sometimes the problem may persist even after doing these steps.This could be either because you are not following the steps correctly or simply because there is some other issue.