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Netflix error code NW-2-4In just a matter of time, Netflix has become one of the most popular places to stream content for entertainment purposes. Whether you want to binge-watch TV shows or simply stream your favorite streams, Netflix got it all in store for you.

But do you know that many times while streaming content you may experience Netflix error code NW-2-4? However, you do not have to worry about it as this can be resolved very easily.

The Netflix error code NW-2-4usually occurs when there is an issue in the connectivity. This means that the network is unable to connect to Netflix due to some problem in the connectivity. The error will simply pop up on your device and you would know.

This problem be because of a number of reasons however, most of the times these are the reasons behind Netflix error code NW-2-4:

  • If you do not have an internet connection.
  • Broken or inadequate connection.
  • An issue with the router.

These are some of the most common reasons for error code NW-2-4 on Netflix. However, the reasons may vary in many cases. But that does not mean you need to panic. This blog will help you fix Netflix problems in real-time.

These steps are simple and can be done to fix Netflix error code NW-2-4 however, make sure you go step by step.

Check if the Network you are Connected Supports Streaming

The first thing that you need to do is check that the network you are connected supports streaming. This can be because:

  • The Network is blocked: If you are connected to a network in the hotel, university, etc. then there are chances that streaming is blocked. Try contact to expert to know more on the network.
  • Slow Network: When you are connected to connections that are available publicly, then the network connection can be very slow.
  • Limited Bandwidth: Limited or low bandwidth usually does not support streaming apps.

If these are the problems that you are facing then try connecting to some other network that has a fast speed, is not blocked and supports limitless streaming.

Connect to the Modem Directly – Netflix Error Code NW-2-4

The settings of the network break the connectivity between the modem and Netflix server and could be the reason for Fix Netflix error code. To resolve this issue, try to configure the router. If your modem and router are separate then try to connect the device with the modem.

Review DNS Settings for Gaming Console

Many times, the network setting in the Play Station can interrupt between the device and the Netflix server and cause Netflix error code NW-2-4. To resolve this issue, you will have to set up the network setting to the default setting.

For PlayStation 3/4 – Netflix Error code NW-2-4

  • Go to the settings.
  • Now select network settings and then click on internet connection settings.
  • Choose the custom option.
  • If you have wireless PS3 then: Select WLAN and then enter manually. Then right-click 3 times to get the IP address.

If you have got PS4 then: Select wi-fi and the go-to custom. Here you will have to select Wi-Fi SSID. 

  •  For wired connection select custom operation mode.
  • For IP address settings select ‘automatic’.
  • For DND settings select ‘automatic’.
  • For MTU select ‘automatic’.
  • For DHCP select ‘do not set’.
  • For proxy server choose ‘do not use’.
  • For PS3, select ‘enable for UPnP’.
  • Now, save the settings.
  • Check the Netflix app and see if the Netflix error code NW-2-4 is resolved.