Netflix error code m7111-5059

Troubleshooting Solutions to Resolve Netflix Error Code M7111-5059

Netflix is one of the best service providers out there. However, many users complain about coming across errors while trying to stream content available on it. One such common issue is  Netflix error code m7111-5059  which is prompted on the screen with a message saying ‘ you seem to be unblocker or proxy’.

It is a Netflix proxy error that occurs because of some particular issues. But whatever the reason is it can be quite frustrating to deal with errors and issues while trying to stream your favorite content online.

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While trying to access Netflix using a VPN you may come across an error saying ‘proxy detected’. Besides, some people may also come across this problem in particular geographical locations. It means that the VPN you are using is unable to play content on Netflix.

In this blog, we have discussed in detail the solutions that you can try to resolve the m7111-5059 error. But, if you are having any trouble while following these steps get in touch with the Netflix technical support team for help.

What do you understand by Netflix Error Code m7111-5059?

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In short, the m7111-5059 error means that Netflix has detected that you are using VPN to play content on Netflix so the access is turned down. It means that the VPN you are using to play Netflix is known and hence showing a proxy server.

So, if you are facing a similar problem then there are some solutions that you can try to resolve the error. Here we have discussed them in detail.

Here are the three steps that you can follow to resolve Netflix error code m7111-5059.

⦁              Use a VPN:  Using a VPN like NordVPN can help in resolving the error.

⦁              Try connecting to the server. You can select the server from the country of the library available on Netflix.

⦁              Now, login to your Netflix account and start watching your favorite tv show.

Some of the VPNs like NordVPN are so much better than the others as they provide complete access to the users while streaming on Netflix.

NordVPN is the best VPN for Netflix streaming. Here are the reasons why you must consider this VPN.

VPN for Netflix

If you are seeing Netflix error code m7111-5059  then try using a VPN for streaming.

But which VPNs do you need to consider? We have done a complete search to help you with this error and let you know about the VPNs to use when you see his error. Here is what you need to find in a VPN for it to resolve the error code m7111-5059.

⦁              It must unblock Netflix and other streaming services.

⦁              Huge network server worldwide.

⦁              High-speed and stable connection for HD streaming.

⦁              Robust online security and privacy.

Here we have discussed in detail the VPN Connections that you can use to fix Netflix error code m7111-5059.


With more than 5000 servers in 62 countries, the ExpressVPN is one of the biggest VPN servers. The NordVPN is undoubtedly the best and allows you to stream without any issue in the best quality.

Besides, it offers several security features making it a reliable VPN server to stream content.


ExpreesVPN works best in unblocking Netflix and resolving the error. It allows in bypassing the geographical location and resolving the error code with the proxy server. Besides, it offers the best quality for streaming HD and 4K content on Netflix.


CyberGhost is yet another amazing VPN that helps in unblocking the Netflix so that Netflix error code m7111-5059 can be resolved. The streaming quality is commendable and allows high-speed streaming without any issue.


With servers in more than 63 countries, SurfSharks successfully unblocks the Netflix libraries so that you can stream without any error. The VPN is fast and reliable so you do not have to worry about privacy and security.


When it comes to speed PrivateVPN offers high speed. It is a small VPN with around a hundred servers in 57 countries. But it does offer unlimited bandwidth. Besides, you can use it in 6 devices at the same time.


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If you are facing an m7111-5059  error then it is very clear that the issue is either with the browser or with the network. Hence you are having an issue in streaming on Netflix.

Talking about the Netflix error code m7111-5059, it occurs when Netflix recognizes that you are using a VPN or a proxy server to stream on Netflix. Netflix blocks all of the known VPN so that you cannot stream content using these proxy servers.

When you use the VPN connections mentioned above to stream on Netflix, it unblocks the servers, and hence the error is fixed.

in this blog, we have covered some of the best VPN connections that you can use to fix the m7111-5059 error on Netflix. But, if you are in doubt or are having any issue while using these VPNs make sure to contact the technical support team for help.