Kindle Fire won’t connect to wifi

Kindle Fire won’t connect to wifi; Problem fixing

  You own a Kindle Fire and use it for various purposes like; downloading content, working online, or gaming but what if it won’t connect to wifi or stopped to connect to wifi?

As you know all the working on Kindle Fire requires an internet connection otherwise it’s all vain! So, what you do if the Kindle Fire won’t connect to wifi?

If having trouble setting it, you should apply some general techniques to make it working properly.

Here we are giving you simple working tips and techniques to fix the problem; Kindle Fire won’t connect to wifi.

Once you apply these simple methods, you can probably fix the issue.

Apply these simple techniques to fix the problem; Kindle Fire won’t connect to wifi

Some of the issues are general and when you fix them they start working. You can also apply these general techniques to your Kindle Fire and may these work and connect your Kindle fire to wifi.   

Before you fix these issues, make sure to look out these settings. Maybe your Kindle Fire connects to wifi without doing much effort.

  • ●  Has your device the latest version?

    The latest version always works better than an older version on any device. If your Kindle Fire device has an older version then make sure to install or update a new one, it will make your Kindle Fire connect to wifi fastly.

  • ●    Insert the password correctly

While setting the password of your Kindle Fire, make sure to input the correct password. Some times you insert a wrong password and that’s why your Kindle Fire won’t connect to wifi. If you have forgotten the password of your wifi you can connect to your wireless internet service provider or the router manufacturer for resetting the password again.

  • ●    Make sure to turn off the airplane mode

It is another essential point to be noted if the airplane mode is turned on at your Kindle Fire device, it will restrict to connect the wifi to the device. So you should make sure to turn off the airplane mode so that wifi can connect easily.

Hope these steps work to connect the wifi to Kindle Fire but if the issue persists, try the suggested steps given below as instructed:

  • The instant step to do is that you turn off the wifi connection for a while, then turn it on. For this, just swipe at the top of the device you can see the wifi connection there.
  • You can also restart your device, oftentimes due to device’s internal issues the wifi won’t connect and you need to switch off the device for at least 40 seconds and then restart it. The problem can be fixed by this simplistic method.   
  • You may try to get closer to the rotter and put the password. If the network of your wifi does not appear you can add it manually to the list of networks.
  • Also, switch off your network router by unplugging it and wait for a few moments and then restart it. There seem many chances to connect wifi by this method.
  • Connect your network service provider or set wifi channel from 1-11.

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