Kindle Fire keeps Losing the WiFi Connection

If you are using your kindle fire and it’s working perfectly but abruptly your kindle fire keeps losing wifi connection! then that’s not a big intricacy to be worried. It always happens with all devices and considered very common errors, one can fix them if s(he) knows the error and have some knowledge about the tools.

Here we are discussing some of the ways and methods that how these errors occur and how to fix them, after reading them you will have an idea that what problem is with your kindle fire and what will be its solution.

Know why your Kindle Fire keeps losing the wifi connection and how to be solved!

  • If you have been using Kindle Fire for a long time, maybe your Kindle Fire keeps losing wifi connection because you have not updated its new version and this is happening due to the older version. You have to update the new version of Kindle Fire, perhaps it can fix the problem.
  • It happens often that on your Kindle Fire device the airplane mode remains on and it can affect the wifi connection of your device so, what you have to do is just turn off the airplane mode and the wifi connection will perform well.
  • It will be better that you download wifi diagnostic tools on your device so that you can see wifi performance when you are in public places. If you found your Kindle Fire losing wifi connection, the major cause of this may be the wifi turns to the hotspot and influencing your wifi connection speed. If the problem is that then you have to secure your wifi and leave those places.
  • Some times, a faulty charge and poor battery can heavily affect the wifi performance of your device. You can easily determine that cause so if you found any of them damaged, just replace them with a new one. It can also help you to fix the wifi losing connection.
  • One of the causes of Kindle Fire wifi losing connection maybe the account setting. If you want to fix it, you need to go to settings, more, my account, and deregister your account then re-register it. But before you do this you have to do restore factory default to save your memory if you will do this step, it will restore all of your content like e-books, videos, games, etc, and when you will re-register your account you can easily download them.
  • Kindle Fire is downloading lots of content, updating, and redownloading after restoring to defaults, therefore it is affecting the wifi of Kindle Fire to lose. You need to fix it if noticing the same type of drift.
  • Kindle Fire losing wifi connection due to location. You can move from one spot to another and it can restore the Kindle Fire wifi performance.
  • Also, check the router supplying the wireless connection, maybe your Kindle Fire losing wifi connection due to damaged wireless board. You need to fix it or replace it, you may contact your internet service provider to ask for further troubleshooting regarding your issue.

We hope that these methods and techniques will help you to cope with the Kindle Fire losing wifi connection problem.

If the error further persists, don’t hesitate to contact us for more assistance and queries.