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Kindle Fire Headphone Jack not working

Kindle Fire Headphone Jack not working

In the world of Android tablets, Kindle Fire is the range by Amazon with a successful fantastic story of its amazing features. Most of the people love to use Kindle Fire because it is upgraded numerously in HD sizes and offers numerous content.

While using Kindle, you may have faced the problem “Kindle Fire headphone jack is not working” and this issue is very annoying especially when you are using the world’s best product!

Many of the Kindle users consider Kindle Fire HD or HDX to be found a fantastic piece of equipment and don’t want to see any trouble with it. If you face any issues like Kindle fire headphone jack is not working and it can lead to difficulty in audio listening but, don’t be put off.

Many of the users have a complaint about this issue and it seems common. If you face any technical issue with your kindle fire, we are always available to help you out through all the possible solutions.

Our technical team experts with their extensive experience and best expertise in this field will assist you technically with instant solutions in 24/7 days.

Of course, even most popular brands products can have some problems or errors and we are here for their quick solutions whenever you fed up with these confusing problems just call us and let our technical team assist you!

Try these simple methods to fix the problem, Kindle Fire headphone jack is not working

Are you frustrating about this common issue and want it to be solved instantly? Well, we are always up to help you and in this article, we are going to tell you some simple techniques that how you can fix the error” Kindle Fire headphone jack is not working”. Use these simple steps to resolve it, if the problem persists further after applying all the stuff you know then contact us and get support from our technical team experts.

Check out volume

While using facing the trouble ” kindle Fire headphone jack is not working” the first and easy thing to do is that you check the volume of your device.

  • Check the volume by tapping up the volume button or
  • Go to settings and click on display and sound to see volume range.

Plug in a set of different headphones

  • If you are facing difficulty with the headphone jack, you can plug in the headphone for several times or
  • Try to plug in different headphones and again.

Remove the device case

  • For the better audio results, if you have covered your device with covering case remove its cover.
  • After removing the covering case, plug in the headphones again.

Jiggle your device

  • To see the jacks or headphone’s faultiness, jiggle your device several times.
  • After jiggling, if you found any error with the jack or headphones, contact the Amazon support team to replace or fix it.

Another Solution

If you have tried all of the methods mentioned above to fix the problem” Kindle Fire Headphone jack is not working” then the other thing to do is that you reboot your device by switching it off and after a few moments turn it on.

Have you tried all of the above possible solutions to fix the issue and the problem persists till now? Don’t get off and call now our technical support team for the right solution.