Hulu won’t load

Hulu Won’t Load: Here are the Solutions you can Try

Hulu is one of the most popular on-demand video streaming with 25 million subscribers. The American-based media services are known for offering one of the best services to the users.

The streaming services are available for US and Japan-based subscribers. However, like any other video streaming app, it is quite common to come across issues while using the Hulu app.

Many users often complain about coming across issues while using the on-demand streaming video app.

One such problem is Hulu won’t load that most of the users complain about. If you are facing a similar issue then do not worry. It is one of the most common issues yet it needs your time and attention.

So, if you are new to using the Hulu app then it is best to get in touch with the technical support team for help and assistance.

Hulu won’t Load | Problem and Solutions

Whether you are facing any issue while streaming or loading the app then several reasons may cause this issue.

Reasons, why you may come across Hulu, won’t load  Issue

So, if you are coming across buffering or loading issues while using the Hulu on your streaming device. Though, the reason why you may face this error is not exactly known but here are the reasons that are most likely to cause this error.

⦁              There are chances that the app is not loaded properly. Other than that sometimes faulty or corrupted files also result in loading issues. Besides, sometimes there can be problems with the configuration of the device as well.

⦁              To stream content available on Hulu you need to be connected to high-speed internet. It is important to at least have 4 Mbps speed of the internet to stream without and loading error.

⦁              Hulu won’t load problem is also common if the streaming device you are using is not updated to the latest version.

Now that you know why the loading error may occur in Hulu you can understand and follow the basic troubleshooting solutions to resolve the problem.

Check if Hulu is Down

If you are facing any issue while loading videos on Hulu then the first thing that you need to do is check if the Hulu server is down. To check this you can open Down Detector and see if Hulu is down in your country or region.

You can also check the official page of Hulu on social media for any server related update.

So, if the Hulu server is down and that is the reason why Hulu won’t load you need to wait until the problem is fixed on Hulu’s end only. If the Hulu server is working fine then you can follow the solutions mentioned ahead to fix the error.

Check for System and App Updates

If you are running the Hulu app or the streaming device on an outdated version of the operating system then it will surely result in some error. This problem can be quickly fixed all you need to do is update the OS to the latest version.

If you are using the Hulu app on a mobile phone then you can check for an update in the Play Store or App Store. But, if the automatic update option is on then you do not even have to this.

Check App or Streaming Device Related Issues

Many times the app may have corrupted data and as a result, the Hulu won’t load issue may occur.  Here are the steps that you can follow to clear the cache data of an app.

⦁              Open the Settings option and then select the PPLICtion option.

⦁              Then you can search for the Hulu app.

⦁              Here you can select the option for clear cache data.

If you want to clear the cache for browser then here are the steps that you can follow.

⦁              Open the browser and then select the settings option.

⦁              Then select Privacy and Settings.

⦁              Here you can select clear cookies and cache data.

Check the Internet Connection

An unstable or slow internet connection is one of the most common reasons for Hulu won’t load error. To stream video content on Hulu, there is a minimum requirement of at least 3 Mbps which also varies depending upon the resolutions.

  • If you are experiencing a problem while loading the content then make sure that there is no device connected to the same network.
  • You can also try to connect to the network using an ethernet connection to avoid issues.
  • You can also lower down the streaming video quality to further avoid the errors and issues.

Try Using Some Other Browser

Another solution that may help you fix the problem is to try and use some other browser. Whenever you open a browser the temporary data and files of that browser also load along with it.

As a result, this data may sometimes hamper the Hulu from loading. So, use another browser that you do not use daily and see if the issue is resolved or not.

Force Close the Hulu App

If the Hulu won’t load or it keeps buffering then you can close the app and then open it again to check if the problem is fixed or not. By force closing the Hulu app you can surely resolve the problem in just a few minutes.  Here are the steps that you need to follow:

⦁              Make sure the device is turned on.

⦁              Go to the home screen of your device.

⦁              Use the remote and then open the settings.

⦁              Now you can swipe to force close the Hulu app.

⦁              Now press the menu button to exit.

⦁              Wait for a  few minutes and then launch the Hulu app.

⦁              Now check if the problem is fixed or not.

Update the Streaming Device

It does not matter which streaming device you are using. If you are facing Hulu won’t load error. Then you need to update the device to the latest version. You can avoid most of the errors simply by updating the device from time to time.

In this guide, we have discussed in detail why you may come across loading errors in Hulu and how to solve them. However, if the problem persists or keeps coming back. It is best to get in touch with the  Hulu support team for a technical solution.