How to Watch VR on Netflix? Which VR Headsets to get for Netflix?

One of the best things about Netflix is that it allows you to watch the content in VR. The VR Netflix option is available for HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and others. 

Netflix is one of the best streaming apps available out there not only it allows you to stream some of the best movies, TV shows, games but much more.

One of the best things about Netflix is that it can be easily installed on Firestick and you can enjoy streaming HD content available on it through Firestick. 

So, if you are facing any issue while playing Netflix on Firestick then do not worry, simply get in touch with the technical support team for help and more information.

In this blog, we are going to discuss in detail the things that you need to know about playing Netflix VR. 

However, if you are still facing any problem then you need to get help from the team of experts so that they can guide you with there knowledge.

Things you need to know about Netflix VR

  • You can watch Netflix on Samsung GearVR by using the app which is specifically designed for Netflix VR.
  • For Oculus Rift, you can try the virtual theatre and complete the set up for a virtual desktop.

About HTC Vive 

  • It also supports movie streaming. You can use steam VR to watch movies. And apps that you can download to watch movies.
  • PlayStation VR also supports Netflix VR. You can use the cinematic mode to play the VR. You can also use your PlayStation using the VR Headsets.

Tips while using Netflix VR

  • On the Samsung Gear VR, you can use the Netflix VR app.
  • For Oculus Rift you can use the Virtual Theatre environment.
  • You can use Steam VR on HTC Live.
  • You can watch VR Netlfix using PlayStation VR. You can also use the headsets and use the cinematic mode to watch Netflix VR on PS4.

HTC Vive VR Netflix: What you need to know?

Make sure to use HTC Vive as it is user friendly and very convenient to use. You can watch VR content using HTC Vive as it gives a very good experience.

  • Open the settings and then go to the Steam VR option.
  • Now you need to be changing the floor bounds to the color black option.
  • Now make sure you change the background color to black. You can find all of the black backgrounds in the workshop.
  • You also need to change the chaperone setting to the developer.
  • Open Steam VR now before proceeding further.
  • This makes watching and streaming Netflix using HTC Vive quite simple for all.

Wrap Up

 Netflix and Chill are one of the best ways to spend your time while also entertain yourself. Though Netflix allows you to watch some of the most interesting content like movies, TV shows, documentaries, and others available on the app. There are some other things as well that you can do using the app.

You can watch VR content using Netflix VR. There are Samsung Gear VR, Htc Vive and others that you can use to stream VR content. However, in case of any issue then you need to get help from the technical experts. They will guide and assist you in resolving the problem immediately so that you can enjoy watching your favorite content on Netflix in VR. 

These are some of the things that you need to know about watching VR Netflix using the VR devices that are mentioned in this blog.