How to unlock kindle fire without resetting

How to unlock kindle fire without resetting!

Kindle Fire is the most widely used and popular product by Amazon with its numerous incredible features especially when it comes to reading books online and watching videos in HD and HDX. Sometimes when you do not use your Kindle for a long time it turns to sleep mode and you have to unlock it.

But what if you forgot the password and have to reset your Kindle fire! Wondering to lose your data if you reset the password to unlock your device? Are you hunting for help about how to unlock Kindle Fire without resetting? No need to fed up with this because now you are at the right place from where you will not turn to go without getting the right solution to your problem bit by bit.

How to Unlock Kindle Fire Without Resetting
How to Unlock Kindle Fire Without Resetting

An instant guide for how to unlock Kindle Fire without resetting

Our technical solutions and support team will let you know how to unlock Kindle Fire without resetting.

You will unlock your Kindle device without losing any data with immediate solutions once you follow and execute the steps carefully given in this quick guide by our technical support. This article will help you with Fire 7 Tablet, Fire 7 kids, Fire HD 8 Tablet, Fire HD 8 kids, Fire HD 10 Tablet, Fire HD 10 kids. If you may face any difficulty while doing the resetting of Kindle, you can call our technical support team without inventing a moment in hesitation. Our technical support will always available round a clock to assist you with your problem.

Follow these steps to unlock Kindle Fire without resetting

You can easily unlock Kindle Fire without resetting it and losing data if you follow the guideline step by step.

If your device has gone to the sleep mode then you can remove the sleep mode with the help of these steps by using the power button.

  • To remove the sleep mode slide the power option and then release it to eliminate the sleep mode. The power button may not be displayed at the same place it can be seen according to the device style, you can find it as on your device place.
  • Mostly the power button is displayed on top of the devices, the method to remove the sleep mode is the same.
  • If you are unable to find the power button on Kindle tablet at the top then you can search it at the bottom.

These steps will help you to unlock the Kindle Fire without resetting. If you further need help you can contact our technical support team for more assistance.

Unlock Kindle fire by resetting the password

If you have forgotten the password of your Kindle device you can unlock it by resetting the password. Follow these steps to reset the password:

  • To reset the password go to the lock screen, swipe from the right side of the edge of the device screen.
  • Now enter an incorrect password several times until the reset option prompted to reset the password if not then wait for 30 seconds.
  • To reset your device to factory default, tap on the “Reset” option and change the password.

If need further help you can get in touch with our support team if you want to unlock your Kindle fire without resetting quickly.

When you will reset the password, then all the data will be deleted from your Kindle device but you can restore or download it from your Kindle Account easily.

So, these were the instantaneous solutions that how you can unlock your Kindle Fire without resetting it or losing the data.

If you are looking for more help then ring us up at any time.

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