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How to Pair Fire Stick Remote

How to Pair Fire Stick Remote

How to Pair Fire Stick Remote -Amazon Fire Stick has become one of the most loved streaming devices out there. Whether you want to watch TV shows, TV series, movies or get the Netflix app, the Fire Stick device offers you the best. Whether you like thrillers or drama Fire Stick has got a huge library of content available for all, at a quite reasonable subscription to the streaming services. TV shows and series available on Netflix are one of a kind, so you can’t help but binge-watch them using the Fire Stick. 

It won’t be wrong to say that Amazon Fire Stick is a global phenomenon and once you install the streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu TV on the Amazon Fire Stick. 

How to Pair Fire Stick Remote to TV in Just a Few Steps?

Through Fire Stick is a hit among the global audience, many people have to go through various issues while streaming content available on the channels. The Fire Stick is not working is a very common problem that the users go through at some point in time and many have to go through daily.

A Quick Guide on How to Pair Fire Stick Remote

If you have recently bought a Fire Stick, then you have a wide array of options out there of streaming the content. The Fire Stick remote is an important accessory that makes using and streaming the content easier for all.

However, you must know that the Fire Stick is paired with the Fire TV, all you need to do is turn on the TV and then pairing is complete. So, why do you need to learn about how to pair Fire Stick remote to tv? It is because many times the Fire Stick remote is not able to connect with the Fire TV and as a result, the remote just won’t work.

Pairing Fire Stick Remote: Steps you Need to Follow

So, how to pair Fire Stick remote? It is quite simple. However, make sure to follow the steps correctly otherwise the pairing just won’t be happening and you will experience an error.

  • First of all, switch on the Fire TV and then press the home button on the Fire Stick remote for a few seconds or a minute. If the Fire Stick remote is not pairing then follow the same steps until you see a ‘pairing successful’ message on the screen. Note that pairing the Fire Stick remote is easier and quicker if you are nearer to the Fire TV.
  • Another thing that you need to check while trying to pair and understand how to pair Fire Stick remote to tv is to check the lights. Most of the time if the light is blinking very fast then it will change to blinking normally when paired. If you have a second-generation Fire Stick remote then the amber colored light will start blinking rapidly once you select the ‘discovery mode’.

At last, check the Fire TV for a successful pairing message. If you do not see any message then it means the Fire Stick remote was not paired.

  •  If you have a second-generation Fire Stick remote then the blue light will flash on it three times. For any other generation remote you need to check the Fire TV for the message.

How to Pair Fire Stick Remote? Use the Fire Stick App

Once you know about how to pair Fire Stick remote to tv you can get the remote paired any time the remote has to be reset or if you purchase a new remote. However, another thing that you can try is using the Fire Stick app. The Amazon Fire Stick app can be installed in the android as well as iOS from the Google Play Store and the App Store respectively. 

Once you grab a hold on the Fire Stick app, you will find using it more convenient and easier. In fact, many people find using the app way better than using the Fire Stick remote. Besides, the Alexa voice control feature is another thing that makes the Fire Stick a great option to consider.

How to Pair Fire Stick Remote App?

Once you install the Fire Stick remote app in your device you will also have to pair it with the TV. Follow these steps get help to know how to pair Fire Stick remote app.

  • Go to the Fire Stick app and then select the device in this case Fire Stick.
  • Then enter the four-digit code that you can see on the screen.
  • Once you see the message for entering the code make sure you do it correctly.
  • Once the device recognizes the remote app it will pair it with the device.

What Else you Can do to Pair the Remote?

Besides, learning about how to pair Fire Stick remote to tv and the app, there are other alternatives as well. If your Fire Stick remote is not working or pairing then you can use Bluetooth and USB cable as streaming devices, that work similar to the Fire Stick remote. They will of course not be as efficient as the Fire Stick remote but work the same way.

How to Pair Fire Stick Remote to TV? | Alternate Bluetooth Remotes

Follow these steps to pair the Bluetooth and USB cable:

  • First of all, make sure the remote has a Bluetooth option.
  • Then open the settings options and select Bluetooth and Controllers.
  • Select the Bluetooth device option and then add the Bluetooth device.
  • Now the Fire TV will start scanning the Bluetooth remote. Once the Bluetooth remote is scanned it will be added to the Fire TV and you can use it successfully.

In this blog, we have covered the details about how to pair Fire Stick remote, and also the problem when the Fire Stick remote just won’t pair.