How to Disable/Turn Off Netflix Autoplay Feature on Amazon Firestick?

So, are you watching Netflix on the Amazon Firestick? Netflix and Chill are surely one of the most loved streaming channels out there. 

It not only allows you to binge-watch some of the most interesting content available online but also pass time when you are sitting ideally in your room.

When we talk about streaming channels it is impossible to not talk about Firestick. The Amazon Firestick is surely one of the best streaming devices allows there. 

You can easily install and activate Netflix on Firestick and enjoy streaming High Definition content available on it.

However, while you install Netflix on Firestick one of the most annoying things that you can come across is whenever you open the title automatically the loud trailer plays. 

Surely at times, it can be quite irritating to deal with. You can display turn off this autoplay option on Netflix.

So, here in this blog, we will help you get through the steps so that you can turn off or disable the autoplay option on Netflix. 

However, in case you are facing any issue while playing Netflix on Firestick make sure to get in touch with the technical support team.

Why do you need to Disable the Autoplay option on Netflix?

Many times you can come across issues because of auto-play trailers and the unnecessary sounds as it interferes with the ability to browse freely and also hampers browsing experience.

However, you can surely disable this feature on Netflix. Netflix on Firestick is a great option and something you need to have on your streaming device.

Netflix has lately made browsing and going through the channel annoying lately so you must consider disabling the autoplay option.

On Netflix, the content that has several episodes continues to play the next content. If there are no further episodes to play then the recommended content will start playing. Though it is quite a useful feature it is not the same for all.  

So, if you do not want Netflix to play the next episode or preview of another TV show then you can turn off or disable the autoplay option on the Netflix app. Let us know how you can do that in this blog.

Steps to Disable the Autoplay Feature on the Netflix App

Here are the steps that you need to follow to disable the autoplay option on the Netflix app.

  • Open a web browser and then open Netflix on it.
  • Now click on the profile avatar.
  • On the top right corner click on the profile button and then choose the Account option.
  • Now under the My Profile option click on the Playback setting link.
  • Now, you can clear the Play next episode automatically option.
  • Remember to click on the save option for the changes to be saved.

However, there is no feature or function to disable the autoplay option for promotion related content. But, if you are using Netflix using a web browser you can disable this feature using Chrome extension.


 The autoplay feature in Netflix allows you to automatically play the next episode when there are several episodes in a TV show. Though it is a great feature sometimes you may have to turn it off. That is why you are required to turn off this feature then you can follow the steps mentioned above.