If your Amazon Fire tablet won’t turn on, you might be tempted to toss it. Don’t look at it. First, try these troubleshooting tips. You may be able to get your Kindle charged and ready to use repeatedly. 

Your amazon fire tablet won’t turn on because there is a release with the charger or outlet. The new reason could be because of the damaged or corrupt files on the device. 

Anything from a fresh charger or a basic reset to a factory reset could get your tablet up and running then. Troubleshooting will help to fix if Amazon Fire Tablet Won’t Turn On.

  1. Check the charger. Using the wrong charger, or a charger that’s broken could prevent your Kindle Fire from charging and turning on. Make sure you are using the charger that came with your device or a cable and adapter compatible with Kindle Fire devices. Call immediately experts after this step for checking the charger.
  2. Plug the adapter into an outlet you know to be working, preferably in another room or on another wall. The single way for testing this is to plug a different device in the outlet & make sure it works before you plug your kindle fire in the same outlet.
  3. Ensure that the cable is thoroughly connected to both the adapter and the Kindle. Connect the charger to another device and plug it into the outlet to make sure the cable and adapter are working perfectly. If they are not working, charge the kindle by using a unique charger that you know works successfully.
  4. Perform a soft reset. A soft reset will resolve many everyday issues without affecting any data on the device.
  • Force and hold the power button for about 40 seconds
  • Release the button. The charging indicator light will turn on after a few seconds & then kindle fire will reboot. If it does not, continue troubleshooting or call experts for urgent relief from stress.
  1. Perform a factory reset. A hard reset will restore your Kindle Fire to the settings and state it was in when it came from the factory. In effect, you will be starting from scratch and will lose any data, settings, or media downloaded to your tablet.
  • Force and hold volume down and power button simultaneously. The Amazon system recovery screen should perform.
  • Go to wipe data or factory reset by using the volume buttons.
  • Press on the power button for selecting the reset option.
  • Go to yes, delete all user data by going to volume buttons.
  • Press the Power button to complete the reset.

Once the reset is performing, you may need to update your Kindle Fire to establish you have the latest firmware and software installed on the device.You Amazon fire tablet will start working if Amazon Fire Tablet Won’t Turn On.

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