A Complete Guide to Convert a Non-Bluetooth Printer to a Bluetooth Printer

Printers are surely one of the best devices introduced to mankind. Not only they make working easy but also allow you to complete your tasks at work with ease. 

The printers are designed to help you with professional and personal work as well.

However, what you need t know is that using a printer can be quite a mess if you do not exactly know how to use their functions and features properly? 

Most of the reputed manufacturers of printers make it a point to introduced new tech-savvy functions and features to help the printer shine out from the rest in the market.

However, is it all you need? Does it mean you do not need to pay attention to using these features?

Well, before using a device like a printer it is very important you know exactly what you are using and the features it offers. 

Talking about the features, printers do come with a Bluetooth feature. However, not all printers are incorporated with this amazing feature. But you do not have to worry. 

In this blog, we are going to help you understand the details so that you can use Bluetooth feature in your printer even when the printer does not come with a Bluetooth feature. 

However, in case you are facing any issue while using these features make sure to get in touch with the printer technical support team for help and support.

What is the Bluetooth Feature in Printers?

Do you ever want to send a file from your device to a non-Bluetooth printer? But you think it is just not possible. 

It can be quite frustrating to send files to a non-Bluetooth printer and it can lead to a lot of trouble.

But the good thing is that you can connect a non-Bluetooth device with a Bluetooth device, yes that is possible and it will surely save you a lot of time and money. 

Bluetooth is an amazing feature in a device that allows one Bluetooth enabled device to send files to another Bluetooth enabled device that is within the range. 

But here is the thing, when it comes to the printer, not every printer has the Bluetooth feature.

If it is the same with your printer as well then you need to follow the steps mentioned below to enable your non-Bluetooth printer to receive files from a Bluetooth enabled device.

Steps to Transfer Files from Bluetooth Device to a Non-Bluetooth Printer

  • Search for the USB port on your printer device.
  • Now you need to install on your computer the Bluetooth software that came with the Bluetooth adapter. 
  • Now, the software will help your printer and computer to recognize the Bluetooth adapter. 
  • Now enable the printer’s Bluetooth connection.
  • You can do so by going to Properties under the Control Panel menu and then choose the Bluetooth option here
  • Now turn on the Bluetooth connection on any of the Bluetooth devices through which you can check the ability of the Bluetooth connection.
  • Now you can choose the file that you would want to print. You can click on the paired device so that you can pair the device.
  • Now you can easily send the file or the print job and get it done using the Bluetooth feature.

These are some of the steps that you can follow to print using Bluetooth feature using a non-Bluetooth printer device.